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Sneaky ‘Ms. Marvel’ Easter Egg pays homage to Kamala Khan’s creators

Did you recognize any of the names?

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Ms. Marvel just landed on Disney Plus today with a bang. Our introduction to Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan showed off a very different angle on the MCU, showed her getting her powers, and took us on a wild ride through an in-universe ‘Avengercon’. But on the way, the show took a moment to pay homage to key figures involved in Kamala’s creation.

In an early scene where Kamala heads to the Coles Academic High School, we see a commemorative plaque outside with eight names on it. Check it out:

Via Marvel Studios

So, here’s who’s who:

G. Willow Wilson – aka Gwendolyn Willow Wilson – is a novelist, writer, and co-creator of Kamala, with her childhood strongly influencing her backstory.

Stephen Wacker was an editor at Marvel Comics who helped spearhead Kamala’s creation.

Adrian Alphona was the artist on the debut Ms. Marvel run that began in 2014.

Jamie McKelvie, known for his work on The Wicked + The Divine and Phonogram, designed Kamala’s comic-book costume.

Ian Herring is an artist who’s repeatedly worked on Ms. Marvel comics over the years.

Takeshi Miyazawa worked on Ms. Marvel Vol 4. and on Runaways, X-Men, and Silk.

Joe Caramagna wrote the 2018 Ms. Marvel series.

Nico Leon was the artist for Kamala’s 2016 run.

With the show off to a fine start, we’re excited to see where Ms. Marvel goes next. Familial tension between tradition and superhero work is clearly on the cards, but we’re hoping the mystery behind Khan’s missing (but much-discussed) grandmother is revealed. Beyond that, we still don’t know who the shadowy organization in the credits scene is, and who the show’s villain will be,

Can’t wait to find out, though.

Ms. Marvel is released Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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