Some Marvel fans are convinced ‘Moon Knight’ villain Ethan Hawke is Kevin Bacon

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The Moon Knight trailer has finally dropped, bringing with it our first proper look at Oscar Isaac as the MCU’s most troubled and complex superhero yet. What’s more, it also offered a glimpse at another legendary actor’s debut in the franchise. That’s right, Kevin Bacon. No, wait, it’s actually Ethan Hawke. Although many fans on social media were convinced that the Before Midnight star was Bacon when first watching the trailer.

While the promo focuses on Isaac’s DiD-suffering Steven Grant/Marc Spector, we do get a look at Hawke as Arthur Harrow, a creepy cult leader with an unknown connection to Spector who tells him “there’s chaos in you.” With his long hair and clean-shaven face, Hawke does look pretty different from normal, enough to convince some people that he was really the iconic Tremors actor.

Is anybody going to tell them?

Apology accepted.

Not by a long shot.

Unfortunately, Kevin Bacon has yet to join the MCU, so Star-Lord’s going to have to keep waiting to team up with his idol.

Ok, but are we sure they aren’t just one being now? Has anyone seen Kevin lately?

“Kevin? It’s Ethan. Listen, I’ve got a pitch for you…”

Bacon previously played a Marvel villain in X-Men: First Class, so maybe that’s what fans are subconsciously thinking of.

While Kevin Bacon does have a history with creepy cult leaders, having hunted one down for three seasons in TV’s The Following, we can confirm that this is not him in Moon Knight. That might disappoint some who had got it into their heads that Bacon was coming to the MCU, but Hawke’s involvement should be exciting enough as he looks to be giving a chilling performance. Hawke has previously teased that real-life cult leader David Koresh inspired him.

We’ll see Ethan Hawke — not, I repeat, not Kevin Bacon — in action when Moon Knight hits Disney Plus from March 30.

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