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Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-11 ‘Call Of Duty’ Recap

This new 90 minute episode of Sons Of Anarchy once again brings in fantastic performances with an ending that leavings us screaming for more. As old faces return, and the true face of others are found, we become more and more drawn into this world of deceit, violence and lies.

This new 90 minute episode of Sons Of Anarchy once again brings in fantastic performances with an ending that leavings us screaming for more. As old faces return, and the true face of others are found, we become more and more drawn into this world of deceit, violence and lies.

As Tara wakes in the hospital, Jax reassures her that he is still leaving SAMCRO and that they are still leaving Charming, regardless of what has happend to Tara’s hand. Though Tara tells Jax that she believes him, she doesn’t seem fully convinced. Elsewhere, a beaten Gemma tells Unser to continue to pin Piney’s murder on the cartel, and away from Clay, for the betterment of the club.

When Tig confronts Clay about the cuts on his face, Clay again pushes back, until Tig finally brings it to a head. Tig confronts Clay telling him he feels left out ever since they got out of prison. Clay once again pushes him back, showing us just how much of a grip Clay is loosing on the club.

At the hospital, Tara’s boss sees Gemma’s broken face, and tells Gemma to let Tara and Jax leave. She informs her that even with Tara’s hand needing surgery, Providence Hospital are willing to get her on staff and pay for her recovery. A shocked Gemma is once again at a cross roads having to decide what she thinks is better for her family. While at the hospital Jax sees his mother and her beaten face, and when Gemma admits it was Clay, Jax refuses to let it slide. After some words from Gemma Jax cools a little, just in time for Gemma to broach the subject about him leaving. Jax admits that he is doing it for his sons, to try and save them from his current way of life.

Tara then receives a visit from Wendy, the mother of Abel. Wendy tells her that she’s moved back and is clean, with no intention of causing trouble. After Wendy leaves, Tara goes into a fit of rage, smashing her hand in the process.

At the warehouse, the IRA’s guns arrive for their meet with the cartel. Kozic also returns to help deal with the IRA and tells the club that the IRA don’t want the weapons touched. Jax pulls Clay away from the meeting at the warehouse and confronts him about the beating he gave Gemma. Clay once again pushes Jax away, getting more and more aggressive.

At the clubhouse, Ozwald tells Clay that Asian investors are backing the Mayor and at the next council meeting he will get control of Charming Heights. Clay sends Booby, Tig and Opie to go and see Georgie Caruso and tells them that if he can’t stop the deal with his Asian investors, to finish him off.

Linc Potter meets with Otto, and tells him about the whole operation. Otto puts all the pieces together and admits that he will turn on the club, but he has several demands which include seeing an eye doctor, having his execution date moved up sooner and that Lenny ‘The Pimp’ Janowitz, the only surviving First Nine, to receive visitation privileges.

SAMCRO and the cartel storm the location of the opposing cartel, finding a couple men in a trailer. When they find the remainder of the men, they advance. As Kozec makes his way out he steps on a mine, blowing him to pieces. Eventually, Jax takes charge by getting the Irish RPGs and smoking out remaining men from the cartel. As they make their way out of the minefield, Juice quickly steps through with no regard for the mines which alarms the club and the cartel about his reckless behaviour.

Opie, Tig and Bobby go to find Georgie Caruso. A distraught Lyla tells Opie that nothing will work until she (his dead wife) is gone. They track down Georgie who admits that he had Otto’s wife killed. He says it was accidental, and that he only sent the men to ‘hurt her’. After his confession Opie and Tog unload their guns into him.

When Unser drops some tools off back at the clubhouse, he tells Clay that he knows he killed Piney and that he knows he tried to kill Tara and that if Clay ever hurts Gemma again, he’ll kill him.

When Wendy turns up to Jax’s house she admits that she is clean, and now gay, and that she doesn’t want to cause problems. Gemma tells her that now isn’t a good time for her to be around and that she will let her see her son when everything cools down. Wendy more or less takes Gemma’s word but warns her not to try and cut her out.

Chibs confronts a once again distraught Juice after the death of Kozic. A reluctant Juice finally admits that the sheriff is threatening to tells the club that his father is black. Chibs then informs a shocked Juice that it only matters what is ticked on his birth certificate, which he tells Chibs is Hispanic. Juice is shocked and revealed, but after Chibs leaves Juice checks in with the police and the reality of his situation and the fact that he was played, sets in.

At the prison Otto and Potter make the deal, but Otto says he won’t sign anything until Lenny gets visitation, which Potter says will take a little more time. As Potter leaves he asks Otto why he wants to help Lenny when he’s turning over the whole club. Otto tells him he wouldn’t get it, to which Potter replies “I wish that wasn’t true.”

Manwhile, Tig sees the damage Clay caused to Gemma and gives him his Sargent At Arms patch back, leaving Clay surprisingly shocked and upset.

As Opie reaches the cabin, he finds Piney’s dead body. As Unser enters, Opie grabs him, asking him what happened. Unser explains that it was Clay that killed Piney because Piney wanted SAMCRO out of drugs. Unser tells Opie that Clay already killed his wife and now his father and now he has to kill Clay before he kills anyone else he loves. And with that, the episode ends.

Sons Of Anarchy is becoming more explosive by the week. With three episodes to go, it’s all but certain that the truth of JT’s death will come out, but the question remains, who will kill the king? Will it be Opie avenging his father and wife? Will it be Jax avenging his father and soon to be wife? Will it be Unser or Tig?

It’s hard to tell as everyone has many reasons to kill Clay. While his death isn’t certain, it’s hard to believe that with this much blood on his hands, someone won’t take revenge. Honestly, I think it could be Tara who does the deed, she has as many reasons to kill Clay as anyone else.

What ever the fate of Clay or the Sons Of Anarchy will be, it’s sure to be exciting and well worth the wait. This has been a phenomenal season for the show and with things winding down, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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