Sons Of Anarchy Finishes Season 4 With Two 90 Minute Episodes

Kurt Sutter has announced that Sons Of Anarchy will finish season four with two extended episodes. The show normally runs for a 60 minute time slot, but Sutter announced via WTFSutter, a video he releases to fans via Facebook and Twitter, that FX has signed off on a 90 minute runtime for episodes 11, and at least 90 minutes, if not more, for episode 12.

I think that all Sons Of Anarchy fans agree that a 12 episode season is not enough and the 9 months that the show spends off air can leave an unbearable wait in between seasons. Hopefully Sutter and FX may contemplate extending the length of future seasons, as I feel that if it were extended to something like 16 episodes, it would make a big different.

In my opinion, Sons Of Anarchy is by far the best show on television. Its amazing cast and compelling writing put the show in a class of its own. I’m thrilled to see that season 4 will end off in a suitable fashion and we can only hope that season five may be given a bigger episode order.

Sons Of Anarchy airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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