Sons Of Anarchy Review: “John 8:32” (Season 6, Episode 9)


Sons of Anarchy has always been an intelligently written, compelling drama. From the first night that FX aired the pilot episode, viewers have embraced the characters and relationships that were developed and have evolved over the course of the series. Even when something doesn’t turn out exactly the way you would have liked, or a season begins to lull, fans of Sons of Anarchy don’t tend to bail. And, I’d venture to say that the reason lies in the midst of the show itself.

Episodes like John 8:32 don’t come along all the time. It wasn’t by any extent of the imagination the most exciting episode of the season. There weren’t awesome car chase sequences or brutal blood baths involved, and no one died, but there was something inherently special about it. It reminded me, despite my mounting list of frustrations this season, that Sons of Anarchy is a show that embodies what great television looks like – and frankly, it was a game changer.

Watching Tara (Maggie Siff) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) self-destruct is kind of like watching Miley Cyrus swing around on a wrecking ball in her latest music video – painfully confusing, yet I just can’t seem to look away. This relationship has been a pillar that Sons of Anarchy has stood on for a long time. Jax has always had issues with Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Clay (Ron Perlman), but Tara was the one person that could do no wrong. She was the one thing he had (not to sound like she was/is a possession) that no matter how bad or complicated things got with SAMCRO, could give Jax the solace he desperately needed. Until now, that is.

Tara has crossed a line, and the distance he was feeling that he compulsively convinced himself was a result of trial-related anxiety, is really what his life has come to.

I don’t blame Tara for waiting for Jax to get home with a baby in one hand and a gun in the other. Although I can’t imagine Jax is going to walk right through the front door and bury a 9mm slug in her cranium, now that her elaborate plan to divorce him and take the kids with is hanging in the air between them, I wouldn’t take any chances if I was her.

The real kicker to Jax finding out the truth when he did, is that he just let her in on some pretty substantial club business. The damage she could do to the club, and him, if she now took a deal and revealed the Irish plan to break Clay out of federal prison, would destroy the MC.

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