Sons Of Anarchy Review: “Sweet And Vaded” (Season 6, Episode 7)


The reversal of roles between Tara and Gemma is becoming more apparent when you look at the bigger picture. Gemma uses this episode to show off her natural maternal instincts. When Venus (Walton Goggins) returned to the picture, an interesting sidebar as always, Gemma gravitated to “her” uneasy lot in life; whereas the general reaction might have been to look the other way. She took it a step further when she exerted her power as ‘queen mother’ to influence Jax and the club to get involved.

It might not benefit Gemma in her current predicament, but her role in the Sons of Anarchy has always dwarfed Tara’s, despite being replaced as the first lady. Gemma had a hand in the formation of the club, and has acted like a mother to the entire lot for years. Jax’s adoration for Tara can’t replace what years of loyalty has earned.

Even when Clay (Ron Perlman) became an outcast, Gemma was never at risk of losing her untitled position. Tara may be using Jax’s blind devotion to her benefit while she works out the details of her short sighted plan, but the strife this will cause in the hierarchy of the MC may put a dent in what she thinks is a foolproof lock on Jax’s opinion of his mother.

Playing Devil’s advocate, however, Tara had the perfect opportunity to rat on the club. She could have saved herself from jail time, her sons from their father, and got a sweet protection detail while she waited to get lost in witness protection. She may be moving to means outside of the club, but she’s certainly following the Sons of Anarchy’s stance on dealing with things in-house. According to her lawyer, all the information she spilled will only be used to prove Jax is an unfit parent, not as fuel for the Rico case.

I was beginning to waiver on whether or not Tara ever meant to go through with all her unfriendly plans, or if it was simply an elaborate ruse to throw us off before the climax of the season finale. As much as I wished for an alternate ending for this scenario, after Tara unexpectedly pulled the miscarriage card in her faux first trimester, my hopes are dashed. Whatever the final piece in her plan is, it doesn’t look like it involves a happily ever after where Jax is concerned.

With Jax’s attention being pulled in so many directions, will he be able to lead the club out of this disaster or will Tara win in more ways than one? Let us know what you thought of this episode of Sons of Anarchy in the comment section below!

Random Thoughts:

  • It finally dawned on me what the abbreviation SAMCRO means when Jax was voting in the newest Redwood Originals.
  • If Tara was fired from the hospital, why are they still providing her with employee day care?
  • The Sons of Anarchy are now taking up residence in an ice cream shop, interesting.
  • The new headquarters (sans ice cream parlor part) is a very city-like loft space.
  • Congrats to Rat and the transfers!
  • Venus is always a welcome surprise – great performance!
  • Jax just gave the crooked cop everything the district attorney was looking for.
  • Will there now be a chase scene in every episode?
  • Even the lawyer looked concerned with Tara’s choice of persuasion; that can’t be a good sign.
  • My face, along with the string of four-letter words I’m sure were running through her mind, mirrored Gemma’s when I realized what Tara was doing.

Until next episode.