Sons Of Anarchy Review: “Wolfsangel” (Season 6, Episode 4)


Lucky for her, even if she does meet Mr. Mayhem, she’ll be in great company. By the time the Sons of Anarchy settle their beef with any number of other criminal enterprises that they’ve managed to part ways with in a less than stellar light, there might be no one left. Jax has tried to take a hard stance against gun distribution, but he’s only been met with brick walls on every side. He’s finding very quickly that doing the “right” thing, isn’t the easy thing, or a particularly attractive option for the other parties involved.  The sad part is that maybe Jax deserves everything that’s coming to the club. There is power in numbers and he has let his emotions tear his attention away from the important issues, issues that keep members breathing and in one piece. The consequences of his most recent power struggle has left him down another two men. Just like Tara is making Gemma (Katey Segal) look good, Jax is making Clay look more and more redeemable.

Although Clay has always walked the line between necessary and not, he performs a service to the club that should buy him at least a thank you nod. Just as the enemies of the Sons of Anarchy are all lining up and coming in for the kill, both literally and figuratively, Clay performing an act of mercy (and possibly stupidity, since now he’s unarmed) will give SAMCRO a little breathing room. The Marshall was one of the biggest advocates of re-opening the Rico case against them, and now Clay, from behind bars no less, has solved that problem for them. He’s also given Otto (Kurt Sutter) a chance to go out with some dignity in tact.

Did you see that ending coming or did Toric (Donal Logue) take the words right out of your mouth? Are you still Team Tara, or do you think she’s starting to play too dirty? Is Jax quickly losing your respect with all his poor choices stacking up against him? Let us know where you stand after this episode of Sons of Anarchy in the comment section below!

Random Thoughts

  • Thank you, Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) for pointing out how much like Clay, Jax is acting!
  • I saw that coming, Toric.
  • Good riddance, Toric!
  • Chopped up is not a good look for anyone.
  • Nice trick with the 3 boxes in the previews for this episode. I completely thought they were burying 3 members tonight.

Until next episode.