Sons Of Anarchy Review: “You Are My Sunshine” (Season 6, Episode 12)


On Sons of Anarchy, Oakland isn’t the only thing that relies on maintaining a delicate balance to keep it from falling apart. Season 6 of SOA has been primarily focused on the journey the MC has taken to get out of guns, but there’s also been this underlying story of what happens to relationships when they are stretched too far, and too thin. Not only when it comes to Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara (Maggie Siff), but across the board.

Although this episode of Sons of Anarchy is wrapping up a lot of things at once, or at least getting there, there are really three events that are going to have the biggest impact on the concluding storyline. The first one, of course, being Tara’s choice of door number 3. She could have stayed, she could have taken the deal, but instead she finally made the decision to run. I’m not sure if this was out of fear, or love, but DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) was probably right when she speculated that the MC will most likely hunt her down and kill her; that is, if they can catch her.

Without Tara to provide Patterson with the bullet she pulled out of Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) that ties the Sons of Anarchy to the prison transport hijacking, a present-day crime, the Rico case continues to be at a stand still. However, Tara failing to show up to court for her trial will obviously cause a warrant to be issued, ergo any illusion that Jax has about her turning on the club will soon disappear.

It’s hard to tell which act of betrayal he would take more seriously – ratting, or taking his sons away from him. Since there’s still a little time before Tara’s trial, everyone thinking she’s in witness protection can only work to her benefit. It may buy her just the right amount of time to get far enough away that she’ll be safe once her ruse is up. If the club thinks she’s under the protection of the U.S. Marshall’s office, they may be distracted enough not to look for her elsewhere.

Which leads us right into event number 2 on my list of most impactful moments on this episode of Sons of Anarchy. Tara’s choice gives Nero (Jimmy Smits) a convenient grace period before he has to confront Jax about what Juice (Theo Rossi) revealed post-suicide attempt. I’d love it if Nero would just let this go, chalking it up to a hard decision a leader had to make, but Sons of Anarchy is nothing if not a show that explores the art of consequences.

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