Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-02 ‘Booster’ Recap

In the second episode of the new season of Sons Of Anarchy, we can already see changes are coming to our favourite outlaw motorcycle club. It’s apparent where our favourite characters want to go with their lives and their club, and who is going to stand in their way.

Gemma, after finding JT’s letter last, decides it’s time to confront Clay about how this may be effecting her son. Gemma presents her fear to her husband that Jax may again be loosing his path in SAMCRO or that Tara may have found John’s letters.

While Gemma frets over her son’s path in life, he is right at home with his family. For the first time we see Jax and Tara with their sons, having a nice family breakfast. Upon hearing the news of the Russian killings the night before, Tara insists to know everything, and Jax explains that the situation was retaliation. They are quickly interrupted by Gemma, who is taking care of her grandsons, while Mommy and Daddy go off to work.

Back with our two new best friends, Sheriff Roosevelt and Link Potter are licking their wounds over the Russian killing in Charming. Potter quickly comes to the conclusion that SAMCRO must be working with some bigger players as this bold move, the killing of half a dozen mobsters in your first 24 hours out of prison, must be more than stupidity.

And then, the man we have all been waiting for, DANNY TREJO! Machete himself is making a guest spot on Sons Of Anarchy this season as Romero “Romeo” Parada, a member of the Galindo Cartel who SAMCRO now deal with through the Mayans. On top of the gun deal the club was aware about, Jax learns when he and Clay meet with the Mayans and Romeo, the Sons will mule cocaine for the cartel in exchange for protection from the Russians.

Drugs have never been SAMCRO’s game, so Jax is not impressed by Clay’s under that table dealing. Jax tells Clay he has his support when the club votes on the drug trade under one condition; when Clay leaves SAMCRO, Jax follows and Clay puts his support behind Opie for the president of the club. Though Clay is confused at why Jax wants out of the club he has spent his while life wanting to lead, Clays agrees, in more or less words, to the deal.

At the table, as expected, the club is not impressed with the possibility of running drugs. Jax puts his support behind Clay but the club is reluctant to follow suit, even after Jax pulls out close to a million dollars from the first Cartel deal.

Jax and Opie are then off to see their “make at home ammunition friends”, to fill out part of the deal with Romeo, who has agreed to start a fortnightly gun, ammunition and drug trade with the club. Jax tries to convince Opie that the drug running will bring in extra money which is not only good for the club but their families, but Opie isn’t buying it.

Back with Sheriff Roosevelt and ADA Link Potter, we find Potter’s team has been disbanded for now. He lets Roosevelt know that he is going to lay low and let the Sons make the next move. In the meantime, Clay speaks to an old friend of the club, Oswald, and sets up a nice new place for SAMCRO to run their guns out of.

Back with Jax and Opie, we find that the Russians have gotten to the Son’s source of ammunition and have taken them “out of business” so to speak. Jax and Opie are ambushed by the Russians and held captive. They give SAMCRO one hour to give them the guns.

Gemma meanwhile tears up Jax and Tara’s home, and then proceeds to strip her office down trying to find Maureen Ashby’s letters, and when Gemma sets her mind to something, well she tends to get her way. After finding JT’s love letter stashed in the bottom of Tara’s draw in her office, she narrowly escapes being caught by Tara, using baby Thomas as an excuse for the visit.

Back at the clubs headquarters Clay tries to find out if Tara has been digging up the past by speaking to Unser, but turns up nothing. Not long after, Gemma unloads to Unser that she found Johns letters in Tara’s draw.

The club, who are just about to go off to save Jax and Opie, are visited by the sheriff, who believes he sees a fire in the SAMCRO headquarters. After the delay, Clay and the boys go off to save Jax and Opie, and upon arriving, we find that the club’s new best friend, Romeo, comes in and saves the day, unloading on the Russians and saving Jax and Opie.

Back at the club house, embraces are made all round, as the family stand in the ruins of the shattered building. Then, Tara announces Jax and her’s engagement, which brings a boost to the club.

Two episodes in and we can already see that SAMCRO is changing, and not necessarily for the better. The club is becoming all about money and greed, and though Jax wants out for his family, he really is starting to contradict himself. Jax seems to be creating and endorsing the reasons that he no longer want to stay at the club.

Whether this is an antic disposition or not is yet to be seen. The Prince of SAMCRO, whose story certainly mirror the Prince Of Denmark (William Shakespeare’s Hamlet) in some aspects, is starting to feel a large struggle in his life. Though he knows what he wants, we are truly beginning to question if Jax is going about the right way to get it.

Only time will tell if if Jax Teller is “to be or not to be” a part of SAMCRO.