Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-12 ‘Burnt And Purged Away’ Recap

Bullets fly and people are betrayed, but still no one knows how The Sons of Anarchy will survive after this mind blowing episode. As everything and everyone is turned upside down, the truth begins to come out and no one will ever be the same again.

The morning after Opie finds his father dead he goes to see Gemma, finding her face bruised just as Unser told him it would be. Even though Opie digs for more dirt to find the reason why Clay beat up Gemma, she still won’t budge. Meanwhile, SAMCRO meets with The IRA, where we find out they are a little more than disgruntled about the deal with the cartel.

Linc Potter realizes that he needs to deal directly with the prison to get Lenny Janowitz his privileges, which may blow his operation wide open. However, he agrees to take that risk after getting confirmation of the IRA and Cartel meet from Juice.

Gemma goes to see Tara in the hospital and tells her that she told Abel’s mother Wendy to stay away. Tara, however is still disgruntled and tells Gemma to stay out of it. As Gemma leaves, Jax arrives to see Tara. Gemma asks him if he’s seen Opie, but Jax says that the last time he saw him he was heading up to see Piney. As Jax goes to see Tara, Gemma gets one of the prospects to track down Opie.

Tara tells Jax that she may be getting out of hospital today and tells him about the events that transpired with Wendy. Jax tells Tara that he’ll handle it and gets one of the prospects to track down Wendy. At the cabin, Unser ignores a call from Gemma and has Piney’s body taken away to the crematorium.

At the club house Jax talks to Bobby and Clay, telling them that when the IRA and cartel deal closes, Clay has to tell Galindo they are out of running coke for them or the IRA deal goes away. Jax then admits that Opie isn’t ready to lead and when Clay steps down Bobby should become president, with Chibs and Happy as Vice President and Sergeant Of Arms, respectively. Clay then gets a call from Gaylen, who says he needs help from some of the club members.

Meanwhile, Roosevelt finds out that Charming Heights has its investors and it will be announced at City Council tomorrow night, before Linc Potter tells him that Juice came through with the IRA meet and that Potter wants him there at the bust tomorrow afternoon.

Clay meets with Romeo and tells him that the cartel are worrying about problems with the opposing cartel. He asks Romeo to let him handle killing Tara as more blood shed could make the IRA deal go south. Romeo refuses, telling Clay that they’ll make it look like an accident and for him to let them know when she gets out of the hospital. Something interesting to point out is that Clay tells Romeo that the IRA knows about Tara potentially exposing them, which is of course a lie, one that may dig Clay into a very large hole.

Elsewhere, Unser tells Gemma that he told Opie the truth and a shocked Gemma tells Unser to find Opie and tell him he made a mistake. Meanwhile, outside the weed shop, the cops pick Juice up. As Bobby goes to see Otto, he is ushered into a small room and told to wait there with no explanation.

As Jax, Gaylen, Tig, Chibs and Happy arrive at the house, they are told to wait down stairs and soon discover that they are in a baby factory, where the IRA are selling children. This strikes a tough chord with Jax and the other boys, who get into a scuffle with a few the men from the house. The brawl actually works in the favour of The IRA, though Gaylen believes Jax is hot headed and Clay tells Gaylen that he’ll keep Jax off the cartel business. Jax who could care less, leaves in a hurry after finding out where Wendy is.

When Jax tracks down Wendy he tells her to stay away and when she refuses and tells him she’s not going anywhere, Jax tells her that he is, which Wendy of course seems a little puzzled by.

Clay goes to see Tara, offering her an ultimatum. If she hands over the letters he’ll make sure nothing stands in the way of her and Jax leaving. However, if she doesn’t, Clay won’t let them leave Charming. As Gemma arrives Clay tells her Tara is fine. Gemma tells Clay to be careful because Opie knows he killed Piney. She then tells him that she loves him.

As Tara gets her stuff to leave she asks Gemma why she didn’t tell her that Clay knew about the letters and then asks her if he was responsible for what happened to her hand. Though Gemma doesn’t really answer, we can tell Tara has put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Jax comes to pick Tara up and tells Gemma that they are leaving in two days. He then gets a call and leaves in a hurry.

Bobby is finally allowed to see Otto, who walks in and hands him a list. Otto makes Bobby read the list out loud and then explains that it is everything that he has done for the club. Otto tells Bobby that all he wanted was for his wife to be protected and SAMCRO couldn’t do it. Bobby is then taken away by some officers while screaming at Otto for being a rat.

Jax walks into the crematorium to find Opie watching Piney’s remains be burnt. Later on we find Opie getting on his bike outside as Jax comes into the car park of the crematorium. After Jax asks Opie how his father died, Opie pulls a gun on him, asking him if he knew Clay killed Piney. A shocked Jax denies knowing anything and tries to calm Opie down. Opie then shoots out a tire of Jax bike and takes off.

This results in a road chase with Jax taking the funeral car, before crashing that and stealing a bike, to continue his chase after Opie. We then see Bobby being put into a cell at Stockton Federal Prison, in a cell right next to Juice.

Eventually Opie arrive at Teller-Morrow, with Clay sitting at the head of the table. Clay gets up and walks to the door, which Opie kicks in, knocking the gun out of his hand. Opie draws his weapon and Clay and tells him to sit at the head of the table. It’s here that we see the pain and suffering Opie has felt at the hands of Clay as he he relives the memories of Clay killing his first wife and now his father.

Just as it looks like Opie is about to pull the trigger, Jax runs in begging Opie not to do it. Opie stares at Jax for a few seconds before firing two shots into Clay’s chest. After a quick shot of Clay’s shocked face, we see a just as shocked Jax staring at Opie, before fading onto the Sons Of Anarchy reaper.

As Sons Of Anarchy closes its fourth season, with two episodes to go, it seems almost impossible that there will be a happy ending for everyone. The club has all but fallen apart and I have no idea how SAMCRO will survive two more weeks. It’s impossible to tell how this season will end, but be sure that Kurt Sutter will no doubt have a few surprises in store and that just like last year, just when we think SAMCRO is all but lost, something may just save it.

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