Sony Wants To Make A Two Hour Breaking Bad Documentary


Sony, seeing that there might be something in this Breaking Bad kid, has commissioned a two hour documentary on the hit meth-as-metaphor-for-everything-in-the-damn-world series. It’ll probably be featured on the home video release, and will go behind the scenes of the action, revealing the motivations of the actors and the lengths they go to portray the characters.

Showrunner Vince Gilligan revealed the news at the Television Critics Association tour, saying that the documentary will probably be included on future DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the TV series. It will be half-show history and half-behind the scenes documentary compiled by one Stu Richardson, who was on-set for much of the filming of the final series of the show, there to capture the reactions of the cast and crew to many iconic moments.

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) pointed out that, while he hadn’t seen the documentary himself, Stu Richardson did record him and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) reading through the final script, which is sure to make for an emotional watch. Vince Gilligan went on to say that the documentary, “…has lots and lots and lots of behind-the-scenes material, and it is really good!’

So there you have it.

It seems like a two hour documentary would be a perfect send-off for the series, and a great way for fans of the show to wallow in dusty, meth-soaked Alberqueque for just a few more precious hours. If it’s as good as Vince Gilligan says it is – “really good!” – then we’re onto a real doozie, so let’s throw caution to the wind and get all our hopes up!

The final run of Breaking Bad episodes begins on the 11th of August, with “Blood Money.” Read what a few critics thought (spoiler-free) here, and if that doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will. The 11th of August can’t come soon enough.