Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Says She Used To Make Out With Maisie Williams On Set

Sophie-Turner-in-Game-of-Thrones-Season-7-Episode-4 (1)

Game of Thrones had a lot of fascinating storylines, but maybe none more intriguing than the ones that happened when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Judging by a recent interview, it seems that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie weren’t the only two co-stars getting cozy offscreen, as according to Sophie Turner, she and Maisie Williams would frequently lock lips while on set to try to throw off the rest of the cast and crew.

“Oh, we fully knew about it, we played into it,” Turner said on Conan when they discussed rumors of a possible romance between the two. “On the set, we would do the scene and then we would try to just kiss each other in the middle of the scene and see if anyone would react. And it’s Game of Thrones, so incest is so normal, that they were just like, ‘Alright. That’s fine.'”

One only needs to look at either of the two star’s social media accounts to see that they spend quite a lot of time together away from set. Anyone hoping for another potential romance budding from the series will be disappointed, though. The duo are just really close friends who occasionally lock lips in order to surprise those around them.

In fact, both women appear to be taken at this point in their lives. Turner is married to pop sensation Joe Jonas, while Williams is rumored to have a boyfriend. It looks like that hasn’t stopped them from canoodling on set, though. Hopefully both of their respective partners don’t mind.

Anyways, Turner has been making quite the buzz in the media now that Game of Thrones has concluded. Aside from this revelation, she’s also told the world that she thinks Harrington is to blame for the infamous coffee cup fiasco of season 8. It’s possible that she’s just covering for herself or possibly even for Williams though, as the two seem to be closer than many of us thought.

In any case, fans have to hope that the actress keeps granting these interviews because every time she opens her mouth, new hilarious and unexpected anecdotes seem to pour out.

Source: YouTube