It Sounds Like Green Arrow Will Go Down A Dark Path In Season 5


After a fourth season which started off strong but quickly fell apart, the pressure is on Arrow this Fall to deliver. With a number of recent casting additions and a big bad who doesn’t hail from the comic books, season five definitely feels a little different, but the biggest change could come from Oliver Queen’s attitude.

In a recent Facebook Q&A, Stephen Amell revealed that he’s read the script for the premiere and that the tone of the show could be about to shift.

“If [the premiere] is any indication, Arrow is going to be f–king mean this year, and that’s really exciting.”

The Arrow star was quick to point out that the hero won’t suddenly be turning evil and that he simply means that the character will have a meaner attitude. What could lead to this is hard to say, but with an unrevealed hero or villain who hasn’t been seen for two seasons set to return and Team Arrow turning their back on Ollie, you can see why he might not be feeling too positive.

Other interesting titbits to come out of the Q&A were the fact that James Bamford is helming the first two episodes of season five and that Green Arrow’s costume will undergo some changes.

Whether or not Arrow will return to the level it was at during its second season is unclear, but things are definitely looking good right now. More should be revealed at Comic-Con next month, so stay tuned.