It Sounds Like That Live-Action Teen Titans TV Series Isn’t Dead After All


Teen Titans

We found out early last month that TNT had passed on a live-action Teen Titans TV series, leaving the fate of the DC Comics adaptation in doubt. After all, there was no mention of another network picking the series up, and so it seemed as if the plan for a show focusing on characters like Nightwing and Raven had been scrapped altogether by Warner Bros.

Well, that’s clearly not the case. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns revealed in a recent interview that TNT’s announcement didn’t come as a surprise and that they have several ideas about what to do with the Titans franchise:

“We [at DC] have known about [Turner nixing Titans] for months and months and months. That’s not new news to us. We have plans for Titans. It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans.”

Many fans believe that the planned solo outing for Cyborg will now be transformed into a Teen Titans movie of some sort, and that would make sense. While there’s certainly a lot of potential for this superhero team on the small screen, Cyborg could do with some backup, as he’s a character that we can’t really see being able to hold his own on the big screen.

When we’ll get any sort of update on Titans remains to be seen, but things are certainly sounding good for the project as of now.

Source: TV Line

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