Source Code To Be Turned Into TV Show

This year seems to be loaded with movies looking to jump from the big screen to the small screen. The Lincoln Lawyer, Anger Management and The Transporter have all been signed to be turned into television series. This method can sometimes be successful (M*A*S*H) or a failure (Ferris Bueller, My Big Fat Greek Life). Now another film is looking to get a small screen take.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC Studios has given the rights to turn Duncan Jones’ hit sci-fi action film, Source Code, into a television show for CBS. For those who didn’t see the movie, the plot revolved around a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) placed in the body of a passenger on a train with a bomb about to explode.

His mission is to find the person responsible for placing the bomb and stop the bomb from exploding. He had eight minutes to fix everything. The television version has the same plot, but tweaks it by having a team of former federal agents, who are now part of a top-secret program, using the “Source Code” technology to take over the body of people involved in tragic events.

Producer Mark Gordon will bring the film to television screens along with Philippe Rousselet serving as consultant producer.  Steve Maeda, writer for Lie to Me and Lost, is set to pen the series.

There is no word on if Jones or screenwriter Ben Ripley will be involved but we’ll keep you posted when we know more.