South Park Season 15-03 ‘Royal Pudding’ Recap

Don’t say you didn’t see it coming. The Royal Wedding was obviously next on Trey and Matt’s list. The fact that they made it the Royal Wedding of Canada made it all the more funnier. After a weak South Park episode with Funnybot last week, Parker and Stone strike gold with Royal Pudding.

The Northern neighbours of the US have been poked fun at before but that didn’t stop Trey and Matt’s Canada joke-fest from being hilarious. Pointing the spotlight on Canada, we got to see a few characters who don’t show up often, amongst them were fan favorites Terrence and Phillip (with of their wives of course, the Queef sisters). We also get a nice cameo from Canadian band Rush, Bryan Adams and Corey Hart.

Watching the show take on the wedding was quite funny. Especially listening the commentators who were offering their thoughts on what was going on, narrating each and every event that we were seeing. Pointing out things like the Queen queefing, the Bishop of Newfoundland walking down the aisle and the guests throwing Captain Crunch as the prince passed by, as is tradition.

It was all going well until things got a bit silly. The royal wedding ends up turning to chaos as the ‘Aboot-To-Be Princess of Canada’ is kidnapped before she can get married. Ike of course is devastated and sets off with some friends to go rescue his beloved princess. And this is where it descends into silliness.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite characters has a good deal of attention paid to him this episode, mmkay. At South Park Elementary, Mr. Mackey is directing a school play revolving around Tooth Decay. The ridiculousness of the subplot is what made it so hilarious, cracking me up every time Mackey dropped a F bomb, and there were quite a few. I didn’t think it could get any funnier until he told us about losing his father to Tooth Decay, a touching moment yet undeniably hilarious. Turns out though that Tooth Decay is actually a monster, the same monster that kidnapped the princess from the royal wedding. Once again, a bit silly but still more or less funny.

Eventually all is resolved though as little Ike is able to save the day by rescuing the princess from the evil Tooth Decay and Mr. Mackey’s play gets shut down by the FBI. Mackey is outraged until they tell him that “it’s over, they got him Mr. Mackey, Tooth Decay. They got the son of a bitch.” Mackey is relieved. What a glorious day for Canada, and therefore the world. Ike even gets knighted and when he does, he gets a pair of socks, as is tradition.

We don’t get much from the boys as Ike and Mr. Mackey steal the spotlight but this was still a pretty strong episode overall. Anytime Canada is involved you know it’s going to be funny and seeing as Mr. Mackey is one of my favorite characters, I’m glad they gave him some solid screen time. His frustration with how the play was turning out was laugh out loud funny and anytime he swears is guaranteed to make you chuckle.

This week was a step in the right direction and a whole lot better than last week. It mixed modern culture with a bit of nostalgia and made for a very funny, if a bit silly, episode. The Canadian jokes were great and spot on and the secondary plot with Mackey’s play brought out a ton of laughs. Can’t wait to see where Matt and Trey takes us next time.