South Park Season 15-05 ‘Crack Baby Athletic Association’ Recap

Twisted and ridiculous? Yes! Absolutely hilarious? Yes, yes, yes! Tonight Matt and Trey brought us the Crack Baby Athletic Association, continuing with what is shaping up to be a great season. Crack babies, a KFC gravy hot tub, EA Sports, poutine, Slash from the Guns N Roses (who is apparently made up by the way) and slavery, we got a bit of everything in tonight’s South Park episode. There was even a great “screw you I’m goin home” from Cartman, what more can you ask for?

Tonight we follow Cartman on his latest business venture, the Crack Baby Athletic Association, a basketball league for crack babies. Things are going well for the CBAA and Cartman is becoming such a big shot that he’s even a V.I.P. at Denny’s. The only thing the league is missing is an accountant. After some tough convincing though, Cartman brings Kyle on board, telling him “Somebody’s gotta eat all that bacon, Kyle… might as well be us. Welcome to the firm.”

With Kyle on board, the two build up the incredibly exploitive company. They go from posting videos on YouTube to signing videogame deals with EA. While Cartman is at the top of the association, he doesn’t exactly call the shots, “I don’t make the rules, ma’am, I just make them up and write them down,” he tells a crack addicted mother. As the boys enjoy their success, morality comes into play. Is what they’re doing wrong? Is it slavery? Hard questions face our youngsters as they continue to watch the profits roll in.

Elsewhere, the boys find out that after all these years, Slash from Guns N Roses isn’t real. He’s just made up by their parents. While trying to track him down to play at one of their halftime shows, the boys are clued in and are shocked, devestated really. Cartman is floored, left wondering who it was that played at his birthday part all those years ago.

This episode was crazy, just all over the place. Spoofs, offensive content, pokes at celebrities and more, Matt and Trey took no liberties tonight. There were a number of highlights, including the EA scene with the boys in the office, Cartman discussing slavery at the University and the scene where the boys find out Slash is fake. All laugh out loud funny.

The icing on the cake though was the German Slash song at the end, priceless. Classic South Park. Another fantastic episode, not as good as last week’s T.M.I., but still very good. It’s probably the second best episode we’ve seen all season and with things on a positive trend, I can’t wait for next week.

Tonight’s lesson: Slash isn’t real, he’s more like a feeling in your heart, you know? He represents care and giving and is based off a Dutch Saint named Voonter Slash.

Personally, I can’t believe it, it’s messing with my head so hard.