Squid Game Combines With The Spider-Verse In This Epic Fan-Art

Pop culture fans have a habit of crossing some of their favorite universes together in a way that probably would never see an official release. And no perhaps no example exemplifies that better than a bit of fan art we stumbled upon that shows the universe of Squid Game with Marvel characters.

The artwork is apparently made by @leeinhyuk on Instagram, who describes himself as “Illustrator/ Marvel and DC/ Concept artist” on his profile.

In the decidedly epic image, we see a cross-section of no less than three distinct universes, in terms of movie properties: Marvel Studios, Sony’s Spider-Verse, and Netflix’s Squid Game. While the first two universes do have a Venn-diagram-like overlap (and the characters inhabit wholly the same universe in terms of the comics), the presence of the South Korean survival drama being added to the mix means this will be one image that will likely never hit the silver screen.

In the below artwork, we see Spider-Man as player 015 standing victorious in the Squid Game, while Venom, as one of the red-suited soldiers, lays dead on the ground. In addition, Scream, also dressed in the blue tracksuit of contestants, has also apparently been killed. Take a look for yourself:

If you’re wondering what “15” might signify, that might be because Spider-Man first debuted in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15, as Instagram user @itsjustcrille pointed out.

In case you didn’t already know, Squid Game is the Netflix mega-hit centered around cash-strapped people recruited by a shadowy organization to compete for a life-changing sum of cash. However, if they lose in the series of children’s games, they die. Watch all nine episodes on the streaming service now.