Stan Lee’s Defenders Cameo Revealed Via New Set Photo

Ah yes, the much loved and always anticipated Stan Lee cameo. It’s become a fixture in nearly every Marvel project to date, be it on the big screen or small, and fans are always excited to find out how he’ll factor into upcoming films or TV shows. This trend looks set to remain in tact for the foreseeable future, too, and as The Defenders continues to shoot in New York City, it’s now been revealed where the comic book legend will appear in the series.

A set photo (thanks, Getty Images), which you can check out below, has let the cat out of the bag a bit early, showing us that Lee will show up on a poster for the NYPD as a cop. This isn’t terribly surprising, given that we’ve seen similar photos of him on Marvel’s other Netflix series, so keeping him in the same role – as a police officer – make sense. Still, it’s a bit disappointing to learn that he won’t actually be physically appearing in The Defenders and instead will only be seen in a photo.

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Admittedly, there may be another cameo that’s being kept under wraps, but given that the previous shows didn’t feature anything more than a picture of Lee, it’s unlikely that this one will, either. Whether or not he’ll ever physically show up in any of these Netflix series remains to be seen, but we imagine they won’t just keep using this same photo over and over again. At least, we hope they won’t.

Regardless, at least we can look forward to icon most likely appearing in the flesh and blood – multiple times – throughout the year, as Marvel gets ready to release Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. No word yet on how Stan Lee will factor into any of those films, but we hope his cameos in all three will be much more substantial than the one in The Defenders.


Source: Reddit