Star Trek: Discovery Sets CBS Broadcast TV Premiere Date For September

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is to premiere on TV for the first time this September. The show’s rookie season will air on CBS as part of a limited promotional run, beginning with the first episode on the 24th at 10pm ET. This comes exactly three years after its original premiere on CBS All Access. More pertinently for fans, though, it serves as a primer for season 3’s premiere on October 15th, which will also be on All Access.

The first of an ever-expanding line of CBS-produced Star Trek shows, Discovery serves as a kind of prequel to The Original Series, taking place roughly 10 years before the voyages of the USS Enterprise. Before corona, CBS had intended to air season 3 in the earlier part of this year, but the disruption forced post-production to be completed remotely, hence delaying the premiere until the fall.

Still, while the coronavirus may have hit filming, it doesn’t seem to have limited the ambition of those working behind the scenes. A few days ago, for instance, showrunner Alex Kurtzman indicated no intention to rein in the rate of content expansion and said that he feels it’s borne out of a desire to tell unique stories, rather than creating sub-franchises just for the sake of it.

There are already three shows currently airing under the Star Trek moniker – Discovery, Picard, and newly released animated comedy Lower Decks (I’m discounting Short Treks, which is more ancillary) – so the upcoming season arrives amidst a real glut of material. Quantity over quality? That’s up for the viewers to decide.

Speaking of which, if you’re thinking of catching Star Trek: Discovery’s new broadcast run, drop a comment below and let us know. And feel free to chime in with your hopes for season 3, too.