Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Shares His Idea For A Kirk-Picard Crossover


Though it’ll likely never see the warm light of day, Star Trek: Picard showrunner Michael Chabon has a killer idea for a series (or indeed a movie) that would bring together James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard.

Over on Instagram (h/t, Chabon responded to one curious fan about the possibility of a Kirk-Picard crossover, stating that he envisions said pipe dream as Midnight Run… in space. We say pipe dream because, of course, William Shatner recently went on record to say that he’s unlikely to return to the Star Trek universe – not now, and perhaps not ever – believing that Kirk’s journey has really run its course.

Still, to think that Chabon imagines a Star Trek crossover in the style of Midnight Run (a cult favorite buddy cop movie from the 80s, in case you’re unaware) only leaves us longing for the real deal. And with Shatner ostensibly finished with Trek, we can’t imagine the Powers That Be will push a potential reunion between Kirk and Picard. Besides, last time they crossed paths, it led to the former’s death in Star Trek: Generations.

Released in 1994, Generations was arguably one of the weaker installments in the Star Trek universe, and it’s only now, with the benefit of hindsight, that we can come to appreciate just how much the franchise has improved at CBS.

Yes, the main movie series may be on hold, but the back-to-back success of both Discovery and Picard will keep us ticking over for many more months to come.

Speaking of which, Trekkies can look forward to Star Trek: Picard‘s next installment, “Broken Pieces,” whizzing onto CBS this Thursday, March 12th. And with just three episodes left to go in season 1, we have a sneaking suspicion that things are going to ramp up very, very soon.