New Star Trek: Picard Promo Features Final Version Of Data


Star Trek: Picard is now just 20 days away from arriving on CBS All Access at last. We’ve been waiting to see Patrick Stewart’s much-anticipated return as Jean-Luc ever since the legendary actor revealed the news in late 2018. The wait is almost over, though, and just to keep the hype going, this new TV spot has been circulating on CBS, with fans re-uploading it online for your enjoyment.

Though it runs for only 15 seconds, this Picard promo packs a lot in by featuring a series of brief shots pulled from various scenes and episodes, all while cutting back to Stewart’s moody face coming into focus. Of particular note are the fresh looks this spot gives us at both Brent Spiner’s Data and cybernetic villains the Borg.

First of all, if you pause the shot of Data sitting across a table from Picard, you’ll see that the android’s appearance has been slightly touched-up compared with earlier trailers, suggesting that some CGI has been used to get Spiner better matched up with his look in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, the last outing for the Next Generation crew. As for the Borg, we get a couple of new clips featuring what appear to be two different Borg drones. In one, a drone’s being inspected on an operating table. In another, much creepier, clip, we see a dead drone in what seems to be the same facility.

Remember that Data sacrificed his life when we last saw him in Nemesis, so there’s been much speculation about how he’s back in Picard. From the trailers, it seems like the former Starfleet officer is suffering from recurring dreams in which Data speaks to him. Presumably, though, he’ll also return in the flesh, er, metal, too. Other familiar faces teased in the promo, meanwhile, include Jonathan Frakes’ William Riker and Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine.

Be sure to catch Star Trek: Picard on the streaming service from Thursday, January 23rd.