Watch: New Star Trek: Picard Promo Teases The Return Of Jean-Luc


Surely you’ve heard of it, right? The legend of Jean-Luc Picard?

If you call yourself a Trekkie – or even just have a passing interest in Star Trek – you’re likely very familiar with Patrick Stewart’s iconic Starfleet captain. He was without a doubt the anchor of The Next Generation, and next year, CBS All Access will bring us on a journey thorough space and time for Star Trek: Picard, a new spinoff show that’s set to explore the character’s life post-Starfleet. And it promises to be a truly thrilling ride for fans.

Picard will have a big presence at this year’s New York Comic-Con as well and with its panel set to go down on Saturday, and a new trailer expected to debut during it, CBS has now teased us with the promo you’ll find up above. It doesn’t give us any footage from the show itself, but it does provide viewers with another look at the titular hero and should get folks excited for what’s to come during the aforementioned panel tomorrow.

From what we understand, Picard will be a more character-focused affair than Star Trek: The Next Generation. At least, that’s according to executive producer Akiva Goldsman, who’s also been keen to stress that the overall tone will be quite different than that of Discovery, CBS All Access’ other Trek series which is currently on the verge of launching its third season after a spectacular second run.

And though plot details for Star Trek: Picard still remain firmly under lock and key, you can expect to learn a little bit more about what the network’s got planned for fans at the big New York Comic-Con panel this weekend, so stay tuned.