Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Has Pitched A Seven Of Nine Spinoff

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard has brought back a bunch of familiar faces from the franchise’s past. With Riker and Troi only turning up for an episode and poor Hugh meeting his end a couple of weeks back, Seven of Nine has proven to be the most important returning character outside of Jean-Luc himself. Fans have loved seeing Jeri Ryan back as an older, more human Seven, too, who’s suffered tragedy yet come out the other end stronger. But could her Picard comeback lead to her own spinoff?

It’s something many want to see – including showrunner Michael Chabon himself. In response to Seven and Elnor teaming up in the most recent episode of season 1, a fan asked Chabon on social media if he’d consider doing a show based around the duo, maybe even with Robert Picardo’s Doctor or Kate Mulgrew’s Kathryn Janeaway in the mix, as well. The EP revealed that he’s actually half-seriously already pitched this concept, though without Janeway’s involvement.

“Minus the Janeway, I pitched this very idea half in jest, half in earnest, to my partners many times as we were making the show this season,” Chabon shared. “I’ve never found relationship between Janeway and Seven to be quite as compelling as I understand that many other fans of VOY do.”

In episode 8, “Broken Pieces,” Seven was summoned to the Artifact, the deactivated Borg Cube that operates as the Borg Reclamation Site, by Elnor to help him escape the Romulans’ attack on the place. Seven was forced to take drastic measures to repel Narissa and the Zhat Vash, reactivating the Cube and allowing herself to be reassimilated as its new Borg Queen, giving her control over this mini Borg Collective.

No doubt we’ll see how this will affect her going forward on the show, but it’s a strong enough premise to lead Seven into her own spinoff, too. It doesn’t seem like Chabon is actively moving forward with such a project right now, though, so we’ll have to make the most out of the upcoming two-part finale of Star Trek: Picardunfolding over the next couple of Thursdays on CBS All Access.