Star Trek: Picard’s Patrick Stewart Reunites With Another TNG Star In New Photo


As much as it hasn’t been just one big nostalgia-fest, Star Trek: Picard has brought back many stars from the franchise’s past over its first season so far. That’s why the few major players from The Next Generation that haven’t returned yet are notable for their absence. LeVar Burton is among them, with fans keeping their fingers crossed that Geordi La Forge could be about to encounter his former captain again on the show.

We’ve still got no confirmation that this is happening, but the good news is that Sir Patrick Stewart met up with his old co-star Burton at a recent event. The latter actor shared the snap of the two of them, both looking dapper in sharp suits, on his social media pages. “These are the moments I live for…” Burton wrote in his caption. And these are the posts fans live for, too.

Though La Forge has yet to return following 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, we sort of know what the character is up to by the time of Picard thanks to the tie-in prequel comics. These revealed that Geordi worked with Jean-Luc on the Romulan refugee crisis, leading the construction of the refugee fleet on Mars. As yet, though, it’s unclear what happened to him after the terrorist incident that destroyed the fleet, setting the storyline of Picard in motion.

Burton has spoken in the past, however, about a possible comeback and he seemed very optimistic about the chances of that happening. Even if he doesn’t actually know anything we don’t, that would make a lot of sense. Multiple seasons of Picard are planned, so the producers wouldn’t just dump all the familiar faces into the first run but rather, spread them out over the years. Seeing how important La Forge is, though, he’ll hopefully turn up sooner rather than later on Star Trek: Picard.