Star Trek: Prodigy Will Reportedly Feature A Forgotten Next Generation Character


Star Trek: Prodigy is coming soon, but despite production having begun on season 2, we still don’t know when it’ll premiere or even what it’ll look like. It’ll debut on Nickelodeon, though, is aimed at younger viewers and will follow the adventures of a group of teenagers who steal an abandoned starship. In addition, Voyager fans have been delighted by the news that Kate Mulgrew will reprise the role of Captain Janeway for the first time since her brief appearances in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis and 2006 video game Star Trek: Legacy.

But now it seems that another figure from Trek‘s past will be returning for the show and it’s a someone nobody could have predicted would reappear. I’m talking about the star of second season The Next Generation episode “The Outrageous Okona,” which saw the Enterprise encounter flamboyant “space rogue” Thadiun Okona (as played by William O. Campbell).

This is commonly considered one of the worst outings of Star Trek ever, revolving around a bad Han Solo wannabe who was described by a Trek fan as “on the International Jar Jar Binks level of irritating.” Campbell will be reprising the role in Prodigy, though, casually mentioning that he was appearing in the series during a recent interview.

“The fun thing is that I recently signed on … I think it’s on Nickelodeon. They’re doing something called Star Trek: Prodigy and it’s an animated series and they’re bringing back some characters from the Star Trek universe – like heritage characters – and my guy is coming back and it’s hilarious. … I’m kinda schleppy and roguish but disgusting in a way and whoever the female character is just goes over the moon for me, much to the chagrin of the leading male character.”

Mulgrew is now recording the second season, so if Campbell has work to do soon, it’s safe to assume that Okona will show up in that as well. The actor went on to discuss his performance on TNG, too, saying:

“The thing about the Outrageous Okona is that if I could eradicate that performance I would. The dialogue was so bad and to be honest I was not experienced enough to make bad dialogue good. I was a bad actor. I’m terribly self-conscious and Patrick [Stewart] tried to help but I think I was beyond redemption.”

What’s particularly intriguing is the hint that further obscure guest stars will play a part in Star Trek: ProdigyIf Okona can come back, then basically anyone from TNG, Voyager and Deep Space Nine can feasibly return as well. Let’s hope we get more updates soon, as I’m definitely looking forward to this one.