‘Star Wars’ asks important question: if Ticketmaster can’t handle Swifties, how will it cope for Max Rebo Band?

taylor swift max rebo
Credit: Kate Green/Getty Images, LucasFilm

The pre-sale for Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour was chaotic, to say the least. While some fans were successful to purchase tickets, others reported glitches, long wait times, and instant markups in the second-hand market after tickets sold out. Luckily for these die-hard fans, they have an unexpected ally giving them support during these intense times.

Perhaps this support is a subtle announcement for an upcoming tour for the galaxy’s greatest music group of all time.

The official Star Wars Twitter page posted a tweet poking fun at Ticketmaster, warning that fans might have to endure it all again if jizz sensation, Max Rebo Band, goes on an intergalactic tour. And before you ask:

Credit: Wookieepedia

This music group was first featured in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in Jabba the Hutt’s palace. They were then seen featured once more in The Book of Boba Fett, still performing in Tatooine. They’re mostly known for their songs, ‘Jedi Rocks’ and ‘Lapti Nek.

Frankly, Taylor Swift wishes.

Max Rebo Band is the number one jizz music act across the galaxy. No one jizzes quite like Rebo, after all. You can say that their music transcends all cultures and intergalactic species. The official Star Wars page confirmed that there was an “unprecedented demand” for standing/pit tickets in their previous tours, in case you were in doubt!

Fans are ready to get all jizzed up, saying they’d purchase floor tickets. Some were willing to wait hours in the Ticketmaster queue like the Swifties did yesterday during the pre-sale. Meanwhile, others were going to use their military privileges to purchase more than one ticket so they could see the band live with their co-workers.

But based on the events that happened during the Taylor Swift pre-sale, there’s a struggle ahead for Reboheads. Multiple Swifties reported being kicked out on Ticketmaster during checkout. Meanwhile, others waited at least an hour before they got to select their tickets. If Ticketmaster suffered glitches and poor service during the Eras tour pre-sale, the ticket site might crash completely, if not the internet itself, when Rebo touches base.

Despite the hype to see this group live, we should probably find out where in the galaxy Rebo is in the first place. The group was last seen at The Sanctuary, a cantina in Mos Espa when it was destroyed due to civil conflict. Multiple reports from civilians have reported that the music group may have perished due to the explosion. Mos Espa’s Daimyo, Boba Fett, has not made an official statement.

Maybe the group faked their deaths, survived, and left Tatooine for good without telling anyone. If they do come to Earth, Star Wars fans better are prepared when Ticketmaster announce they’re the official ticket seller for this once-in-a-lifetime gig.

Perhaps Swifties need to step up and ally themselves with the cause, providing tips and advice before the official tour dates are released.