Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fans Are Heartbroken After The Series Finale

The Clone Wars

As hard as it is to believe, Star Wars: The Clone Wars finally concluded the story that Dave Filoni and George Lucas started more than 10 years ago with an episode that was as tragic as it was full of action and spectacle.

After the penultimate chapter, “Shattered,” culminated in Anakin turning to the dark side and Palpatine executing Order 66, Ahsoka went on the run from the 501st platoon that accompanied her through the Siege of Mandalore. On the bright side, though, the former Jedi Padawan managed to remove Commander Rex’s chip, not only saving her friend but also increasing her likelihood of surviving the clones. Of course, with Darth Maul set loose, the clones didn’t stand much of a chance and the dark-side warrior proceeded to blow up the Star Destroyer’s hyperdrive.

Meanwhile, Rex and Ahsoka continued to fight waves after waves of Clone Troopers, refusing to kill them, even in self-defense. If you think that’s heartbreaking, wait until you hear how Filoni wrapped the episode. After barely making it out, the mothership crash-landed on a nearby moon, courtesy of Maul, killing all the clones in the process. Ahsoka and Rex paid tribute to their comrades by raising their helmets on pikes, with Ahsoka dropping her lightsaber to the ground, making it seem like she died in the crash as well.

The series’ final scene featured a Clone Wars version of Darth Vader as he found out about his former Padawan’s death, leaving audiences to reflect on the devastation of the war that Darth Sidious orchestrated from start to finish. Pretty bleak, right? Well, it seems other fans have had a difficult time handling their emotions as well.

Of course, Star Wars: The Clone Wars may have finally ended on a definitive note, but fans of Ahsoka Tano should take heart, as the story of the stubborn Snips is far from over and we’ve yet to uncover her fate in future seasons of The Mandalorian.

Tell us, though, did you enjoy the show’s finale? And what were your favorite moments from it? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.