‘Star Wars’ fans are losing it over Vader’s debut in ‘Obi-Wan’ trailer

Disney / Lucasfilm

It’s official. Vader has returned. And he’s on the hunt for Obi-Wan Kenobi. The newest trailer for the eponymous Disney Plus Star Wars miniseries has dropped, and fans are going wild over the now certain fact that they will see the return of the franchise’s greatest villain.

The preceding trailers have heavily hinted at Vader’s presence in the series, featuring the sound of his telltale respirator for instance. Disney has also made no secret of the fact that Hayden Christensen is returning to play the part. The trailer firmly illustrates that Vader is back, and not Anakin in a flashback of some kind, boldly showing the Sith Lord’s signature chest plate control device. And the fans are eating it up.

The idea of seeing another Kenobi / Vader duel is definitely appealing to the fans if social media is any indication. Although their final combat in Revenge of the Sith was almost jaw-droppingly over the top, their duel in A New Hope is widely regarded as lackluster and has even been the subject of fan remakes to jazz up the exchange with effects more fitting of the epic duels from the prequels.

Of course, the trailer hasn’t guaranteed a showdown between the two former friends. Indeed, the trailer is full of a dizzying array of Obi-Wan’s new foes, the Sith Inquisitors intent on tracking him down and exterminating him pursuant to the Emperor’s Order 66. Kenobi may face a significant number of red lightsabers before he can get to the final boss fight with his former apprentice. The fans are surely going to be rooting for that moment from start to finish of the series, though — and they don’t seem to mind Vader’s appearance being teased out to them.

Obi-Wan Kenobi will air on Disney Plus beginning May 27, 2022.