Star Wars Fans Are Sharing Their Idea For A What If…? Style Series

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Marvel’s What If…? has been a big hit with fans, and its flexible premise – an anthology show that ponders how storylines could’ve gone differently – has had the internet discussing alternate reality scenarios for other franchises, too. Maybe the franchise that would best suit the What If…? treatment, though, is another Disney property, Star Wars.

This idea has been pitched before, but u/Experiment_Magnus has got the ball rolling again on the r/StarWars subreddit this weekend by sharing the following mocked-up logo.

Other fans joined in by pitching their own ideas for potential episodes of a Star Wars: What If…? series. The most upvoted comment, from u/hannatarbert, pitches the Skywalker twins trading places.

The possibilities are endless…

“What if Order 66 never happened?” would be a hugely fascinating one, for sure.

The premise that was probably suggested the most in the thread, however, is “What if… Anakin got a happy ending?” That would mean a whole lot to fans.

OK, this is too adorable.

That’s a whole season’s worth right there.

Other fans didn’t go for the idea of a Star Wars: What If…? series, though, because they don’t think it makes sense with the franchise.

Meanwhile, some defended the concept, arguing that Lucasfilm could put a different spin on it.

A lot of comments also argued that we don’t need a Star Wars: What If…? because we’ve just got another anthology series in Star Wars: Visions. Visions offers standalone non-canon anime-style stories, however, and doesn’t explore alternate realities, so there’s no reason why both couldn’t exist. As the endless stream of ideas for episodes fans came up with makes clear, there’s definitely a lot of potential in Lucasfilm trying on this concept for size.

All nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions are available to stream on Disney Plus now. Marvel’s What If…? reaches its season finale this Wednesday.