Star Wars Fans Are Divided Over Robert Downey Jr. Possibly Playing Thrawn


Grand Admiral Thrawn is making his live-action Star Wars debut soon, that much is basically certain. After all, The Mandalorian didn’t name-drop the iconic villain, who originated in the old Expanded Universe, in its recent second season for nothing. It’s clear that showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, who are developing various other projects for Disney Plus, have big plans for him, and those plans may involve casting Robert Downey Jr.

A bunch of reports have come out recently claiming that RDJ is in discussions to switch the Marvel universe for the Star Wars galaxy and embody the character of Thrawn. Obviously, this has grabbed folks’ attention and fans have a range of opinions on the idea of the Iron Man star donning blue makeup to potentially portray the Imperial antagonist.

For starters, a lot of people love this left-field bit of casting and couldn’t be more excited by the possibility.



“Hell yes!”

On the other hand, many feel that – as great an actor as Downey Jr. is – he’s really not the right guy to bring Thrawn to life.

Some think that Lars Mikkelsen, who voiced the villain to perfection in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, should just be brought back for his live-action appearances.

What a random bit of casting it would be!

“Not him.”

Whatever you think about the idea of Downey Jr. playing Thrawn, we can all agree that there’s really only one man for the job.

It’s funny that RDJ is the one being linked to the character, as fans have previously championed his fellow Marvel star/Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch as the perfect Thrawn. The internet would lose it Downey Jr. was cast in the Star Wars saga, though, so it’s almost worth doing just to see Twitter explode.