Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Season 2 Trailer Teases New Animated Adventures


Ah, the wonders of animation.

While fans have been waiting a whole year since Rogue One for The Last Jedi to arrive in cinemas, Disney and Lucasfilm have delivered two entire seasons of cartoon webseries Star Wars: Forces of Destiny to fill the gap. The collection of two-minute shorts focuses on the women of the Star Wars universe and debuted to a positive response from viewers over the summer. Now, the second season is just days away, with this brand new trailer teasing what’s in store.

From what we understand, the new run will feature more feminist-themed adventures for characters already seen in the previous season, including Rey, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano and Padme Amidala. As the trailer demonstrates, fresh heroes and heroines will also be brought into the mix as well, like Finn, Hera Syndulla, Han Solo and Maz Kanata (following on from Lupita N’yongo’s ongoing role as narrator).

Speaking of which, movie stars such as Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones will continue to reprise their roles, with John Boyega also lending a hand this season. The likes of Ashley Eckstein, Vanessa Marshall and Tiya Sircar will return as well to their respective roles of Ahsoka, Hera and Sabine from The Clone Wars and Rebels TV series. And no, if you’re wondering, that’s not Harrison Ford as Han in the trailer. Though kudos to the voice actor for giving a pretty solid impression. The same goes for whoever’s filling in for Simon Pegg as The Force Awakens‘ Unkar Plutt.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny season 2 will debut in two half-hour blocks on The Disney Channel and its associated app, airing October 1st and 2nd at 8PM ET. Much like the first season, the shorts will then be made available individually on the official Disney YouTube channel.

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