Star Wars Rebels Showrunner Denies That Ezra Is Snoke


“Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?” That’s a question that’s been perplexing Star Wars fans ever since the puppet master of The First Order made his debut in The Force Awakens. Theories of his true identity range from a resurrected Emperor Palpatine to – hilariously – that Stormtropper who bumped his head on a door-frame in A New Hope. Another out there idea, though, is that Snoke is a twisted, older version of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.

If you believe showrunner Dave Filoni, however, there’s no truth at all to that last theory. When talking to, Filoni explained how he appreciates that a lot of the fan theories floating around are well-reasoned and plausible, but says that the one to do with Ezra is way off the mark. Of course, that is the sort of thing he would say even if it were true, but we’re tempted to take his words at face value here.

“I try and beat around the bush. I like reading the fan theories, and when I read them, I think, ‘Well, there’s no possible reason that that can’t be true, it’s just not true.'”

The producer went on to explain how he loves the fans for engaging with the universe to this extent and even admitted that he’d have his own Snoke theories if he wasn’t actively working on the Star Wars franchise himself.

“You love the fans. I’m one of them. If I wasn’t here working on Star Wars, I’ll bet you I would have a bang-old Snoke theory of my own. I don’t fault them for coming. I think we want them to come up with stuff because it means they’re engaged. It shows how much they love it.”

The crux of the ‘Snoke is Ezra’ theory is mainly that he’s a talented Force user who would be in his advancing years by the time of the new movie trilogy. Likewise, we’ve got hints that the character has some darkness in him across Rebels. It was as good a theory as any, then, but we can now check Ezra off the list of possible Snokes. Only the entire rest of the population of the Star Wars universe to go…