Star Wars Rebels Gets Exciting New Trailer, Release Date Revealed


The highly anticipated fourth and final season of Disney’s XD’s Star Wars Rebels has now received an explosive new trailer, and you’ve gotta check it out.

As you can see above, the promo promises that the show will end on its most ambitious season yet, as various plot threads look set to build to a climax. The planet Mandalore is occupied by Imperial forces, Grand Admiral Thrawn is intensifying his hunt for the crew of The Ghost alongside his assassin Rukh (voiced by Star Wars movie regular Warwick Davis), and we also have that beloved staple of the franchise to look forward to: massive space battles between the Alliance and the Empire.

On a more character-based level, much of the trailer is also devoted to Ezra’s journey with the Loth-Wolves (a new concept to be introduced this season), which will lead him to question whether he’s fighting the good fight in the right way. Meanwhile, Kanan and Hera’s relationship is set to develop further, too.

Something else that fans will enjoy are the many connections to Rogue One that are teased here. As Rebels reaches the events just prior to the recent prequel movie, we’ll see several of its characters and concepts pop up in the show this season. On the side of the Empire, we have Grand Moff Tarkin (namedropping Director Krennic to boot), Deathtroopers and a reference to the Death Star’s codename: Stardust.

On the Rebels’ side, meanwhile, there’s Mon Mothma, Senator Organa and Saw Gerrera – with Forest Whitaker reprising his role. Interestingly, it looks like Gerrera will try and convince the Ghost crew to break from the Alliance and join his separate faction of Rebels.

Of course, along with the trailer’s release also comes the reveal of when fans should expect to see Star Wars Rebels back on their screens – October 16th. Mark it down, folks!