Star Wars Rebels Soundtrack Listing Reveals Huge Spoiler


There are only seven episodes left of Star Wars Rebels season 4, which means the popular animated TV series is coming to an end for good. Fans still have so many questions going into these last few installments, but it seems that one major one has just been answered via a very spoiler-y soundtrack listing.

While the episodes themselves are shrouded in mystery, three of the tracks from the upcoming release of the season 4 soundtrack have been revealed. Two of the titles only tease certain plot details – for instance, “Hera and the Wall” and “Sabine Sees Ezra” – but one, in particular, apparently confirms the fate of a major character, and the track in question is called “Kanan’s End.”

Yes, it appears that the blind Jedi (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) is going to become one with the Force in these last episodes of Rebels. This will come as a shock to viewers of the show, but it will also answer one big question that fans have been wondering: where are Force users like Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus during the events of the Original Trilogy? Surely they would have been useful allies to the Rebel Alliance? Well, at least it now looks like we know why Kanan wasn’t around to help bring the Empire down.

For more evidence that Kanan’s fate is sealed, showrunner Dave Filoni shared a pretty damning image on his Twitter account (see below). The piece of artwork features a conflicted-looking Hera staring at Kanan in the distance, who’s reflected in her goggles. Filoni didn’t caption the photo, but when put together with this track listing, the image doesn’t need any explanation.

Star Wars Rebels‘ remaining episodes will air over the next few weeks. Two installments will premiere on February 19th and 26th, while the final three episodes will form a 90-minute series finale that’s set to arrive on March 5th.