Ahsoka’s Backstory To Be Included In Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revival?


Ahsoka Tano is a character with a tremendous amount of history in the Star Wars franchise – after all, there aren’t many who can claim to being a part of not one, but two big-name animated series in Rebels and The Clone Wars.

But it’s that little pocket of space in between that has kept viewers awake at night, longing for some answers regarding Ahsoka’s journey. Last seen during The Clone Wars season 5 finale, Lucasfilm’s creative team brought our Jedi-trained hero over to Rebels, where she helped launch the show’s opening season.

The finer details of said transition have been locked away in the Lucasfilm vaults for what feels like an entirety, but the oncoming 12-episode revival of The Clone Wars brings with it a new hope – hope that the questions lingering over Ahsoka Tano and her mysterious backstory will be answered in a way that satisfies as much as it thrills.

We have good news on that front, as Clone Wars supervisor Dave Filoni revealed to SDCC attendees that he plans to revisit an Ahsoka story arc that was scrapped soon after the show’s cancellation five years ago.

Said he:

The Siege of Mandalore, which was a very big arc for us, which involved Ahsoka teaming up with Bo-Katan and going to Mandalore. These were from the story meeting about that. We were writing and I was trying to figure this out, we were going to have this big battle. What would it be like to throw those two characters together? We would talk about it. These still were the early days… The shattering of the city buildings.

Comprised of 12 episodes in total – for now, at least – Lucasfilm’s Clone Wars revival is expected to go live late next year as part of the Disney streaming service.