Stephen Amell Wants Arrow To Crossover With Pinky & The Brain


With Supernaturaabout to play host to an unlikely animated crossover with Scooby-Doo, the star of another hit show from The CW has suggested another possible cartoon team-up that sounds weirdly awesome. Specifically, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell wants to see his Emerald Archer cross paths with 90s favourites Pinky and the Brain.

In response to a tweet from @GreenArrowTV pondering what cartoon the Arrow cast would pick to crossover with, the man who plays Oliver Queen revealed that his personal choice would be the classic Cartoon Network show starring those lab rats that wanted to take over the world.

This might sound like a ludicrous idea at first, but it’s worth remembering that the Arrowverse has proven to be open to left-field ideas before. The Flash and Supergirl came together for a musical episode last year and another unlikely kind of crossover will occur later this season when Jay and Silent Bob make cameos on the former show.

It helps that the DC universe is also practically limitless, too, so a cartoon episode could be explained in multiple ways – like another dimension, parallel universe, dream world, etc. In fact, the Arrowverse even has a handful of animated series of its own (The CW Seed’s Vixen, The Ray and Constantine).

All of this said, we’re not sure that Arrow and Pinky & the Brain would ever really work as a crossover, though we’re sure that the bulbous-headed mouse would prove a formidable team for Team Arrow to go up against. Still, that being said, there are numerous DC cartoons that the show could be feasibly mashed-up with instead. For instance, Young Justice or Teen Titans Go! The latter might be a clever marketing ploy as well, as it has a movie coming up soon.

Arrow season 6 is about to enter the last couple of months of its run and returns on March 29th with “The Thanatos Guild.”