Stephen Amell Thinks Next Arrowverse Crossover Will Be Character-Based


This week brought DC TV fans their very own version of Justice Leagueas The CW’s Arrowverse shows teamed up for the four-part “Crisis on Earth-X.” It proved to be a huge hit, too, with audiences impressed by how it managed to go even bigger than last year’s “Invasion” crossover.

When it comes to next year’s event, though, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell doesn’t think they’ll try to increase the scope and scale again. While speaking to his fans in a Facebook Live video, the star revealed that he believes it will be more “character-based” and likely involve less people.

“I personally think that I don’t know how we’d scale up more. Unless all the productions shut down and we’d shoot it like you would a feature film. I dunno. What you could do is make it more of a character-based story, and maybe it’s about one or two characters from each show being sequestered out somewhere. I don’t know. I’m not a writer. I just say the words and, after the fact, I critique them.”

We have to agree with Amell in that we don’t know how the next crossover can feasibly be bigger than this one. In terms of plot, “Crisis” involved alternate universes, Nazi doppelgangers and some huge character development as well – including two weddings and a funeral. The cast was also huge, boasting two old faces brought back for the festivities (Wentworth Miller and Colin Donnell).

The actor also hints at the real reason that it’ll be hard to top this year’s event, though: the fact that it’s a pain to produce. Amell previously talked about the difficulties in making the Arrowverse crossovers, as they put a huge strain on the actors’ schedules and the productions of each of the shows. It’s possible, then, that tackling another four-part event is just not possible going forward.

Of course, this is just one person’s opinion. The Arrowverse producers themselves might be more than up for embracing the challenge of making another massive crossover event next year. If they are, can we suggest some sort of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” arc that aligns Supergirl’s world with Earth-1? Pretty please?