Stephen Amell Wants Batman In The Arrowverse As A Villain


There’ve been several hints that Batman exists in the Arrowverse over the years. However, the biggest confirmation came on an episode of Arrow back in October, where Oliver Queen openly spoke of Bruce Wayne, confirming the billionaire’s existence in this continuity.

While many might consider this as merely a tribute to the Dark Knight, the one thing we’ve learned about the Arrowverse is that nothing’s ever a coincidence. Much like the Man of Steel appearing in Supergirl, don’t write off the Bat popping up on The CW at some point. In fact, it might be sooner rather than later, and if it does indeed happen, he might be portrayed as a villain.

Or at least, that’s if Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell, gets his way. Speaking at Awesome Con this weekend, the actor said that while he’s interested in having the Caped Crusader show up in the Arrowverse, he wouldn’t necessarily want to see his character team up with the Bat. Instead, Amell wants Oliver to go up against the Dark Knight, and have Bruce Wayne be portrayed as a villain.

Given that Arrow has a proud history of making good on DC characters it name-drops, we’re pretty optimistic about the chances of having Batman show up one day. Maybe not soon, but we can definitely see it happening at some point. Realistically, though, it probably wouldn’t be in a villainous capacity. Or at least, not in the traditional sense of the word.

Perhaps Bruce would be more of a jaded crime fighter than Oliver and use different, opposing methods to clean up the streets. But we don’t see him being an out and out antagonist. Instead, the two billionaires would probably just butt heads for a bit before eventually teaming up.

Anyways, chalk this all up as speculation for now, as at the moment, there’s no confirmation that Batman will appear on Arrow or any other CW series. But if it does happen, tell us, how would you like to see the iconic DC hero portrayed? Sound off below and let us know!

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