Stephen Amell Dons A Familiar Costume For The Arrow Midseason Finale


Given recent news that the 100th episode of Arrow will not only function as part of a crossover but also pay tribute to everything that has preceded it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the following episode will dig up the past, yet it strangely does.

Now, anyone who follows actor Stephen Amell on social media knows that he loves to spoil his fans, a quality I’ve always admired. His most recent teasers came in the form of a couple multimedia posts regarding Arrow’s midseason finale, “What We Leave Behind,” which is set to air on December 7.

Let’s start with the video, which can be viewed at the top. In it, Amell is sporting a very familiar look that makes us recall the show’s first three seasons. To prove that our eyes aren’t playing tricks on us, he captioned it with “Episode 101 is feeling like Episode 1×01.” Obviously, he’s recalling the pilot episode.

But why the aesthetic change? Does his new suit get damaged (I hope not because it’s ridiculously cool)? Or are we set to witness a flashback to the time the first season took place in order to learn something previously unknown about Oliver Queen?

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I guess only time will tell, but considering that so many fresh concepts have been recently introduced on sister shows Supergirl, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, having something like this to keep the fans guessing during Arrow’s fifth season can’t hurt.

For a closer look, check out the photo Amell provided (below), which bore the caption “Suit still fits.” The prominence of the green greasepaint really takes us back to the show’s early days, to be quite honest.

While counting down the days until said midseason finale arrives, be sure to check out new episodes of Arrow on Wednesday nights on The CW.