Stephen Amell Promises A Happy Ending For Arrow Season 8


Arrow‘s reaching its eighth and final season this fall. The Emerald Archer has been saving his city for the best part of a decade but his quiver’s finally about to empty. Given what we (think we) know about Oliver Queen’s last days, it seems like there’s a lot of tragedy and sadness ahead of us in the show’s swansong. Though that’s not according to star Stephen Amell, who promises the series will deliver a happy ending.

Sorry, that’s “super happy ending.” GameSpot caught up with Amell at Comic-Con and asked him if a happy ending’s in store. The actor added the extra adjective and maintained that things will apparently end well for Team Arrow.

“It’s a super happy ending. I think it’s going to be a happy ending.”

This is a somewhat surprising answer, to say the least. Mostly because we’re pretty darn sure that the Green Arrow’s going to die. The Arrow season 7 finale featured the Monitor revealing that Oliver’s fated to meet his demise in the ensuing “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” That doesn’t sound all that super happy to us. Unless Amell’s hinting that the hero manages to avert his fate somehow?

EP Marc Guggenheim also touched on the topic, explaining that the whole Arrow crew is approaching the end of the show with the aim of honoring everything that’s come before.

“We always go into these things with the best of intentions… We’re trying so hard to just entertain everybody and honor all of the things the fans want.”

Guggenheim’s response is a little cagier than Amell’s, but the producer seems to be saying that the final season won’t just go all out to break our hearts but will tie up the entire story of Star City’s savior with a bow. Or a bow and arrow, in this show’s case.

We don’t yet know exactly what form season 8 will take, but Amell has elsewhere confirmed that it’ll follow on from season 7’s cliffhanger and see Oliver aiding the Monitor in dealing with the early effects of the Crisis. Which will apparently include the resurrection of two former regulars.

Arrow‘s 10-part final season kicks off on The CW on Tuesday, October 15th.