Stephen Amell Says Never Say Never About Batman In The Arrowverse


There’s long been a Batman-shaped hole in the Arrowverse. Of course, it’s completely understandable that that’s the case, seeing as the Caped Crusader is one of Warner Bros.’ most valuable IPs and they’re very protective of depictions of the character. Not only that, but historically, the studio’s been worried that a live-action TV version of the Dark Knight would confuse audiences used to whoever’s playing him on the silver screen.

As such, shows like Gotham have had to dance around showing the hero in the cape and cowl, while the Arrowverse has been restricted to only subtly hinting at his presence. But with Ruby Rose’s Batwoman set to make an appearance quite soon, along with episodes set in Gotham City, the network’s going to be forced to tackle the question directly and finally pin down what exactly’s going on with Batman in the Arrowverse.

Given that Arrow has a strong history of making good on DC characters it name-drops, we imagine the Bat could show up one day, and at least according to unofficial franchise ambassador Stephen Amell, we wouldn’t be wrong to assume that. Holding an impromptu Facebook Q&A with his fans, the Oliver Queen actor was asked if the Dark Knight – or even Green Lantern – could ever appear in the Arrowverse. Keeping things simple, he said: “I would never say never.”

Neither would we, Stephen, but it’s worth mentioning that having Bruce Wayne cameo on Batwoman – or any other Arrowverse show, for that matter – would require leasing the character’s rights from Warner Bros., who are currently preparing the standalone DC film from Matt Reeves.

In other words, don’t be holding your breath for a Batman appearance in the Arrowverse in the near future. But like Amell says, never say never.

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