Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow Getting Superpowers


Having already been told by producers that the season finale of Arrow will be a real game-changer, press and fans alike can do nothing but speculate how this week’s installment may alter the status quo. I mean, a trove of promotional images provided a few hints concerning some pivotal moments to be witnessed, but one can only assume the cliffhanger itself is being closely guarded.

So, while everybody continues formulating their own theories over the course of the next few days, lead actor Stephen Amell has given us all something to meditate on. While speaking at a panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville over the weekend, he came back with the following after a fan asked which superpower he’d like to see Oliver Queen have:

“I think that there might be a way for Oliver to have a super power this year.”

On top of that, he jested “The CW gets more and more nervous” with him saying such, so it’s hard to tell if this whole notion was a joke, or if he’s providing the slightest of hints at what’s to come. After all, it’s commonplace for celebrities to serve up cryptic statements at conventions in order to get the fanbase talking.

Still, if Queen were to acquire superpowers on a more than temporary basis, it’s my belief that many viewers could see this as the series jumping the shark. Yes, I’m well aware that TV shows need to keep things fresh after enduring for so long, but Ollie has long been one of the most human characters DC has had to offer in comics, and that’s certainly carried over to the small screen.

I guess we’ll have to tune in for Arrow‘s season finale this Thursday night on The CW to find out for sure.