Stephen Amell Teases Original Suit’s Return For Arrow Season 8

Arrow season 8

Arrow is bowing out with its upcoming eighth season, with its final 10 episodes serving as something of a victory lap for the long-running CW show. We’ve previously had it confirmed that the first two episodes of the season will pay homage to past runs, with episode 1 calling back to its debut season and episode 2 returning to themes and characters of season 3.

Continuing this nostalgia for the show’s past, star Stephen Amell is now teasing the return of Oliver Queen’s original outfit from Arrow‘s first season. The actor shared a snap of himself with producer/director James Bamford on Twitter. Though he attempted to scribble over the suit he’s wearing in the selfie, it’s clear to fans that he’s back in the costume worn by “the Hood” in the Emerald Archer’s early days of saving Star City. Or Starling City, as it was known at the time.

Amell also tweeted yesterday that he’d just finished filming episode 3, meaning he’s only got seven more outings left to go until he empties his quiver for good. So, this tells us that we can look forward to this early outfit appearing in the third installment of season 8. It’s also possible that the episode will feature a return to Lian Yu, as this was the costume Oliver wore in the flashbacks of the show’s first couple of years.

The reason for season 8’s ability to hop around Arrow‘s past is that it’ll follow on from the shocking season 7 finale, which saw the Monitor take Oliver with him through an inter-dimensional portal to aid him in clearing up the beginnings of the incoming devastation that will unfold in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The cosmic being also told the hero that he’s destined to die in this event. Exactly how that works when there’s two more episodes to come after the crossover, though, is anyone’s guess.