Is Stephen Amell Teasing Deathstroke’s Return In Arrow Season 5?


After a rough couple of years, Arrow is finally as good as it was during season 2. As you may recall, Deathstroke took centre stage as the big bad back then and has made only sporadic appearances ever since. Unfortunately, Manu Bennett seems uninterested in returning to the role after the poor way the villain was handled when we last saw him, but it now appears as if star Stephen Amell is teasing a return for the character. However, before you get too excited about Deathstroke joining Prometheus to take on the Green Arrow, there may be a very good explanation for this.

Arrow looks set to wrap up the flashbacks revealing what Oliver Queen was up to in the years before the events of the show’s first season, so chances are the actor is shooting the hero’s return to the island which he claimed to be trapped on for all those years. As a result, this familiar landmark making a return does make some sense. It’s obviously possible that Amell is teasing something even more significant for Deathstroke, but for now, it’s probably best not to get too excited about Slade Wilson making a comeback here.

Then again, season 6 is next for The CW series, so it could be that the network has talked Bennett into reprising the role as they look to recapture some of the magic from Arrow‘s second year. Either way, we’re definitely intrigued by Amell’s Tweet and once we learn more about what he’s hinting at, we’ll be sure to let you know.