Stephen Amell Explains Why Tom Welling Is In Crisis On Infinite Earths


We all wanted it, and it’s officially happening now. Smallville star Tom Welling will reprise his role as Clark Kent in this year’s big Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” A return to his iconic turn as the Last Son of Krypton has been a long time coming and it was finally confirmed by The CW earlier today. Following up the news, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has now perfectly summed up why Welling needed to be a part of the multiversal event.

Along with a GIF of Ron Burgundy saying “it’s science,” the Oliver Queen actor wrote: “There’d be no crossover without Tom Welling. So Tom Welling is in the crossover.”

Amell is presumably saying that there’d be no opportunity to adapt “Crisis” in the Arrowverse if the Arrowverse hadn’t originally been inspired by the success of its forebear Smallville, which in turn only lasted ten years thanks to the popularity of its leading man. Ergo Welling’s who we have to thank for making “Crisis” happen.

If you’ll recall, Welling’s fellow SV alum Michael Rosenbaum recently spoke about the show’s influence on the Arrowverse and the current glut of superhero TV in general, crediting it for The CW’s success with their shared universe. What’s more, the two stars both denied being part of “Crisis” during this same convention appearance. Now that we know Welling was telling a white lie though, we wonder if Rosenbaum was as well and he’s actually set to come back as Lex Luthor.

Of course, a mini Smallville crossover was previously achieved in last year’s “Elseworlds,” as the show’s Kent Farm was reused as the home of Tyler Hoechlin’s Supes. The SV theme was even played over its introduction. Speaking of Hoechlin, he’s also in the event, alongside Brandon Routh’s Man of Steel. That makes three Superman taking part in the crossover.

Will Welling finally suit up in the red and blue, though? Fingers crossed, but we’ll find out for sure when the five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on December 8th, takes a break for the holidays and wraps up on January 14th.