Will Stephen Fry Appear In Doctor Who Season 12?

Doctor Who Resolution

Doctor Who has featured numerous beloved English actors in guest or cameo roles over the years, but some new intel suggests that the British institution is about to feature a turn from another British institution in its next season.

Word has it that Stephen Fry might be currently filming an episode of the show for its upcoming run. The Doctor Who production team recently returned to their HQ in Wales after a bout of overseas filming in South Africa. With shooting occurring in Swansea, one Twitter user allegedly managed to visit a recently vacated set which has the feel of an old-fashioned “parlour room” from the 1940s. According to Tweeter @Bethasaurus95 (via DoctorWhoTV), Fry was glimpsed on set in a tweed suit in a wartime style.

The acclaimed actor, comedian, writer and more actually has a history with the Doctor’s world. He appeared as a Time Lord called the Minister of Chance in audio adventure Death Comes to Time back in 2001 and was even once primed to pen an episode himself in 2006 for David Tennant’s first year in the TARDIS. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts led to Fry pulling out of the project, though we know that this adventure would have been set in the 1920s.

So, could he finally be appearing in Doctor Who on TV after circling the Whoniverse for years? Perhaps, but it’s worth taking this news with a bit of salt for now. The fandom often gets pretty excited about rumors during production that turn out to be far from the truth – like how we were told to expect John Barrowman back as Captain Jack in season 11.

We also likely won’t have this confirmed either way for a while, as showrunner Chris Chibnall likes to keep a lid on as much about the series as possible until very late in the day. And with Doctor Who season 12 not airing until very early 2020, don’t expect to learn anything about its guest stars anytime soon.