Stephen Fry And Sir Lenny Henry To Guest Star In Doctor Who Season 12

Doctor Who

With the filming of Doctor Who season 12 now wrapped up, everyone’s waiting for the day when the TARDIS lands on our TV sets (not literally, of course). But in the meantime, we’re still receiving new updates on what’s to come, as we’re now getting word that two British comedians will be making their debut appearances on the show.

TV host extraordinaire Stephen Fry (voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks) and Sir Lenny Henry (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban) will be the latest in an elite crew of famous funny folk to join the Doctor Who cast list.

In his trademark witty way, Fry has spoken of his delight, comparing it to being asked to join the space exploration program.

Short of being picked for a British space exploration programme and I readily concede that I’m past the age where I’d be considered (if I was ever the right age for such a posting) – then being in an episode of Doctor Who will certainly do as a very sweet second-place excitement.

Sir Lenny Henry, meanwhile, joked about how he’d come close to playing the Doctor on his own show, the aptly titled Lenny Henry Show.

It was absolutely brilliant to be welcomed into the fantastical world of Doctor Who. The nearest I have been to the TARDIS was when I played the Caribbean Doctor in the Lenny Henry Show, so as a life-long (hiding behind the sofa type) Doctor Who fan this is a very special moment for me.

Finally, showrunner Chris Chibnall added:

“Doctor Who is coming back with a bang – with two great British icons in major roles. One of the great joys of Doctor Who is getting to work with actors from your wish list. Stephen and Lenny are two of my absolute favourite actors – and to be able to bring them into Doctor Who, in one of our biggest ever stories to kick off the new series, is an absolute thrill.”

Doctor Who is well known for featuring British comedians, often in significant roles. Matt Lucas (Alice Through The Looking Glass) starred as Nardole a few years back when Peter Capaldi played the titular Time Lord, and Catherine Tate played alongside David Tennant as his companion, Donna. Even Simon Pegg had a stab at a part back in 2005 where he played the Editor in an episode called “The Long Game.”

With the show now about to go into post-production, Jodie Whittaker and co. will be back with us some time next year. We don’t know exactly when yet, but with Doctor Who Day approaching (mark your calendars for November 23rd), we’ll be keeping a close eye on things to see if any announcements are made. Watch this space for more.