Stephen King Wants A Law & Order Spinoff With Vampires

Of the five billion or so police procedurals to have come and gone over the past few decades, there are those who’ve cracked the formula better than most and managed to endure. One of them, obviously, is that of Law & Order, the brainchild of Dick Wolf that saw how the criminal justice system functions in tandem, showing the work that cops and lawyers put in.

And like any prime time heavyweight, it spawned several spinoffs over the years, chief among them Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent. In fact, it could be argued that SVU eclipsed the originator, as it is the one that’s still standing and has perhaps captured the imaginations of viewers most.

Still, one can’t rule out the legacy living on – even if some ideas are to be a little outlandish. Believe it or not, horror legend Stephen King has a pitch for a spinoff, and it’s one that he recently posted on Twitter:

That’s right: freaking Law & Order: Vampire Squad!

To be clear, King clarified his vision with the response that it be “Cops hunting vampires,” and not the other way around. It’s absurd, sure, but you never really know what a network will buy these days, especially when you consider that prime time television is seemingly more populated by science fiction, horror and fantasy than ever before. Still, we don’t see this particular universe embracing the supernatural.

If this macabre sister of Law & Order ever did come to fruition, though, we imagine the opening sequence would sound something like this:

“In the criminal justice system, sparkling in the sunlight is considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite unit known as the Vampire Squad. These are their stories.”