Stephen King Teases His Brand New Story For The Stand TV Show

The-Stand-CBS-miniseries-Stephen-King (1)

The Stephen King adaptations keep coming and coming. Not only are we getting sequels to IT and The Shining later this year, but we got a Pet Sematary remake a few months ago, and there are several TV shows based on King’s novels currently in development. One of those series is The Stand, based on the author’s post-apocalyptic tale, which is in the works at CBS All Access.

Earlier this week at the CBS’ bi-annual Television Critics Association presentation, the main cast was revealed. It includes James Marsden, Amber Heard, Odessa Young and Henry Zaga (don’t forget about Marilyn Manson), and Josh Boone will be serving as showrunner. Additionally, it was announced that King wouldn’t be a mere consultant on the miniseries, but also that he’d be writing the script for the final episode, penning a new story that wasn’t in the original book.

After the presentation, the mind behind Carrie and Cujo took to Twitter to not only confirm he’s been working on a brand new idea, but that it’s already finished.

Here’s exactly how he put it:

There are a couple of things that make this finale distinct and interesting. For starters, King’s literal inclusion in the creative process will automatically push aside any of the concerns the author’s had over the years with filmmakers taking liberties with his work.

And also, while a lot of the sequels and remakes that’ve been popping up aim at nostalgia, the addition of a brand new story adds a vibrant energy and mystique to the upcoming miniseries.

So, with that in mind, tell us, are you excited for The Stand? Or are you tired of the onslaught of Stephen King reboots and rehashings? Shoot us a comment down below and share your thoughts!